We have two in-person meet-ups at the beginning and end of the programme! The sessions and workshops will be virtual.


Current, engaging and relevant sessions from top employers making a difference across the sector at the moment.


Stand out from the rest in the eyes of graduate recruiters and gain connections and access to top employers across the industry.


A signed official certificate upon full completion of the programme - perfect for your Linkedin profile as well as your CV!

The Environment. 

The most popularised portion of the 3. The 'E' considers how a company performs as a steward of the physical environment and how it performs in terms of sustainable efforts.

These sessions will breakdown this portion further and explain the reasons why the environment and sustainability are such important factors in the built environment.

The 'S' in ESG relates to the social aspect of business practices.

This can include everything from diversity and inclusion initiatives, community engagement, labour and workforce and more.

These sessions will breakdown the ways in which companies are creating change through social initiatives and why it matters.

Governance. Decision making and policy.

In these sessions, we break down the significance of good governance and business practices, and how these decisions impact overall business performance.

ESG is all about long-term impact, but how can this be measured exactly?

These sessions will teach you how to determine and match ESG factors to a range of different businesses through mapping and assessments. 

With many things in the corporate world, all things require a business case - so what is the business case for ESG?

These sessions will teach you how to form business cases for new projects and evaluate their progress over time.

Greenwashing has become a significant problem in ESG and Sustainability efforts as a whole.

These sessions will teach you how to identify these practices across industries and move towards facilitating real and impactful change.


This session and workshop will be coordinated by our recruiter sponsors on the programme.

We understand how difficult job-hunting can be, which is why we will have two sessions by reputable recruiters in the ESG and built environment space supporting you in forming the best applications.

Held at our Headline Sponsors' head office, you will get the opportunity to meet up with the other participants on the programme again and work in teams to address a business challenge.

The team with the best solution to the challenge will get the opportunity to work as interns after the programme has ended.

The coporate challenge day is a great opportunity to combine your learnings, brush up on your presentation skills and network with peers who have similar interests to you - a fantastic way to close off the programme!